Simplify issue reporting in your web projects with TrackDuck

22 October 2014 | Oleg Podsechin | integations

We’re happy to announce that TrackDuck is now integrated with StartHQ. From now on, you can search for TrackDuck issues and comments directly through StartHQ search.

If you’ve ever been working on a web site or web application, you probably know what it takes to collect feedback from your clients or teammates, especially if you are working remotely. Current solutions include emailing screenshots, screen sharing or face-to-face meetings, however these take a lot of time.


TrackDuck, a fellow Startup Sauna alumni, have changed all that. Using either the TrackDuck browser extension (available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers) or by adding a short script to your HTML, you can add TrackDuck to your web project in minutes.

After that, your clients and colleagues will be able to mark places they aren’t happy with, leave feedback and assign issues to people directly on the website. All issue reports will be saved in your project’s dashboard on TrackDuck with screenshots and all technical information, including details about the browser, resolution and operating system, attached.

TrackDuck includes a number of other features both for designers and developers such as the ability to upload an image or a mock-up before the site is live and comment on it - just as you would with an actual web site.

Another important thing is that TrackDuck can be integrated with such major project management and collaboration tools as Basecamp, Jira, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Hipchat, Slack and others. This allows you to easily sync TrackDuck bug reports with your tasks on other project management tools, without disrupting your existing workflow.

If you’re a designer or developer, you should really give TrackDuck a try, especially since the first project is completely free!