Never forget to upgrade a package again with VersionEye

31 July 2014 | Oleg Podsechin | integrations

We use a number of open source libraries at StartHQ and have even released some of our own (that last one being the code that powers this blog btw.). The problem with using such libraries is that it can be tricky to stay up to date with new releases and to know when a library you depend on should be upgraded, either because of a feature you need or a security fix.


This is where VersionEye comes in. When you sign up, you can give the service access to your code repositories, including private ones or manually start following libraries. VersionEye identifies and keeps track of your dependencies across 27 languages and 9 packages managers including Node.js, PHP, Ruby etc. and notifies you via email or RSS when they’re updated. You can then choose to upgrade or wait for a major release, but the key thing is that you don’t need to remember to periodically check all your dependencies for updates, which, let’s admit, is something very few do on a regular basis.

Just like Planio we previously blogged about, VersionEye is based in Germany and hosted in the EU, which has stricter privacy laws ensuring access to your data isn’t granted to third parties. It is also now fully integrated with StartHQ search, so you can look up a package on GitHub, StackOverflow and VersionEye from one place.

Give it a go and let us know what you think on FB and Twitter! You have no excuse not to be using it, since you get so much value out of it via email alone, without ever having to log in. It’s also worth mentioning that universities and non-profit organisations can get up to 50 private projects for free at VersionEye.

One day we hope to be able to do deeper integration with VersionEye and let you know when any given web app you’re using has been updated and what new features have been introduced.