Found 90 web apps, sorted by popularity

Integround   Infrastructure

Integround is specialized in business process integrations, providing integration consultancy, custom enterprise application development and a cloud-based integration platform as a service.   Infrastructure

Universal integration back-end for your front-end, connect other APIs in minutes not days.

Onebox   Infrastructure

Onebox is the all-in-one virtual phone solution with wide array of the highest-quality communication services.

Kairos   Infrastructure

Kairos has everything you need to build, run and scale your next facial recognition app.   

FeedbackHound   Infrastructure

Web & mobile feedback for customer driven sites.

Algolia   Infrastructure

Algolia's Search API makes it easy to deliver a great search experience in your apps & websites. Algolia Search provides hosted full-text, numerical, faceted and geolocalized search.

Boomi   Infrastructure

Boomi AtomSphere allows you to connect any combination of Cloud, SaaS, or On-Premise applications with no appliances, no software, and no coding.

Tutum   Infrastructure

Docker hosting for your containers. Run, monitor and scale your apps. AWS-like control, Heroku-like ease. Take the next evolutionary step in cloud computing.

Razuna   Infrastructure

Razuna, a hosted Digital Asset Management system, is the most popular web app for collaborating, managing, sharing and publishing your organizations images, videos, audio files and documents online.

Ning   Infrastructure

An online service to create, customize, and share a social network.