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TrackDuck   Development

Visual feedback and issue tracking solution for websites.

codebreak   Development

Codebreak; is a free Git hosting service that provides source code management, pull request and open/private repositories.

Snapbugz   Development

Found a bug on a website? Enter the address on Snapbugz to discuss the issue with others.

Wercker   Development

Hosted continuous integration and delivery platform.

Usersnap   Development

Visual feedback directly from your website users, without any plugins. Just add Usersnap to your site to get visual feedback.

VersionEye   Development

Notification system for software packages. Follow your packages and get notified about new versions.

Codota   Development

Codota is a revolutionary search engine for Android code examples and Snippets.

ProdPad   Development

Product management software for your whole team! Use ProdPad to: capture ideas and feedback ➜ create product specs ➜ build product roadmaps.

Google Code   Development

Google's official developer site. Featuring APIs, developer tools and technical resources.

Lingohub   Development

Localization for web & mobile, without headaches. For developers and translators. Be global, go local.