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BIME   Analytics

Business intelligence as a service. Query all your data easily and create great dashboards.

EzyInsights   Analytics

EzyInsights is an online service that allows you to give your community better value so that you can get them working for you. Through our simple three step model we show you what people are talking about and who is talking. This will help you form valuable relationships that give true rewards on your social media activities.

Doorbell   Infrastructure Analytics

Easily gather in-app user feedback, on websites, iOS apps, and Android apps.

Retention Booster   Analytics

Retention Booster helps you to see if your users are really using your app or not.

Dasheroo   Analytics

Meet the best new way to organize, make sense of & take action all your important business metrics!

AdPushup   Analytics

Ad revenue optimization.

qunb   Analytics

Data can tell an incredible story. Unveil the power of your web analytics using our preset stories; for web agencies, freelancers or any site owner.

UserJoy   Analytics

SaaS customer analytics + messaging.

UserJoy   Analytics

See what users are doing on your app in realtime and communicate personally with them.

Kneto   Analytics

Take control of the sales process from the start. Page level analytics on PDF attachments. As easy as sending an email. Get real-time feedback on every opportunity